Wrapping Up 2022 – Looking Ahead to the Continued Expansion of Key NVM Express® Technology Features in 2023


By: Cameron Brett and Kerry Munson, NVM Express Marketing Work Group Co-Chairs

In 2022, the NVM Express organization promoted and built upon the NVMe® 2.0 specifications, educating the public about new and upcoming features for enterprise and hyperscale data centers. Our goal was to help create educational resources for the public that explored upcoming features and additional use cases. Here are some of the 2022 initiatives we supported below.

Demonstrating the Ongoing Development of NVMe 2.0 Specification Features

We saw the need to present complex NVMe technology concepts and features to the public. With the help of folks in the NVM Express work groups, we developed educational resources for the industry, including blogs, video interviews and webinars. Each took a deep dive into vital NVMe technology features and use cases.

We made 11 videos in 2022 demonstrating important features and enhancements within the refactored NVMe 2.0 specifications. The videos covered various topics ranging from Transport Specifications and Command Sets to real-world enterprise use cases. Check out these video interviews on our YouTube channel and read our blogs to learn more.

Additionally, we showcased some new features beyond the NVMe 2.0 specifications, including a webinar exploring the new challenges and use cases of Discovery Automation Enhancement. Beyond videos and educational content, we also returned to live events in 2022.

Highlighting the Continued Growth of NVMe Technology Use Cases at Industry Events

NVM Express highlighted NVMe 2.0 developments at industry events, sponsoring at both Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2022 and Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2022.

During FMS 2022, we held an NVM Express-hosted speaker track where we explained newly developed and upcoming key features and specifications, including updates on NVMe Transport Specifications, Command Sets, NVMe technology form factors, and more. During SDC 2022, Nick Adams, Principal Engineer, Firmware Architecture at Intel and member of the NVM Express Technical Working Group, also presented the NVM Express State of the Union to highlight the ongoing developments of the NVM Express organization. The FMS 2022 presentation recordings are available on demand on our YouTube channel.

We also hosted our first live NVM Express Annual Members Meeting since 2019, which included the NVM Express State of the Union, an exploration of the NVMe Computational Storage specification, marketing and technical updates and deep dives into FDP and other technical features.

We look forward to sponsoring upcoming vital industry events and sharing NVMe technology updates throughout 2023.

The Future of NVMe Technology

As data storage needs continue to grow, storage manufacturers look to emerging technologies to keep up with this growth. With NVMe technology, enterprise and hyperscale data centers find faster data transport speeds between applications and storage help meet these needs. In a TechTarget article covering the future of NVMe technology, “As data continues to grow in sheer volume, many have turned to the different NVMe protocol specifications, such as NVMe-oF, as they strive to remove inefficiencies and meet their ever-expanding storage needs, without sacrificing performance.”

With the support of our many member companies and working groups, we look forward to continuing the development of new and exciting features and highlighting those features in videos, webinars, blogs and industry events throughout 2023.

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