NVM Express, Inc.’s new on-demand webcast titled NVMe 1.3 – Learn What’s New! offers an overview of the new and improved features in the NVMe 1.3 specification.

Description: NVM Express (NVMe™) 1.3 specification expands reach of fast storage for enterprise, client, and cloud power users by adding capabilities that meet the unique needs of each of these market segments, including Virtualization and Streams. The reach of the interface has expanded its support for the Mobile sector by adding the Boot Partitions feature, which enables bootstrapping of an SSD in a low resource environment. These features have been added while maintaining low latency and high performance – making an NVMe device ready to take advantage of next generation bus speeds, including PCI Express (PCIe®) 4.0. To read the June 21st NVMe revision 1.3 announcement, click here.

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Host: Jonmichael Hands, co-chairman of the NVM Express Marketing Committee and Intel’s product marketing manager for Non-Volatile Memory Solutions.

Attendees will learn: The webcast spotlights how the NVMe revision 1.3 and its new features offer customers more options, flexibility and better endurance. The NVMe 1.3 specification introduces over ten new features – including Sanitize, Virtualization, and Streams – that serve various market segment needs. The majority of capabilities are optional, allowing customers to select the specific features that provide value to their workload.

For more information about the NVMe 1.3 specification or to download the protocol, please visit http://nvmexpress.org/specifications/

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