NVMe® 2.0 Specifications: Fast, Simple and Optimized for the Future of Storage

Webcast Presentation

The NVMe 2.0 specifications, released in 2021, were refactored to enable faster and simpler development of NVMe solutions. As we enter a new era in hyperscale and enterprise computing, the NVM Express Technical Work Group worked to optimize the suite of NVMe specifications to support emerging use cases for diverse market segments.

In this NVM Express hosted webinar, contributors of the NVMe 2.0 specifications will provide a comprehensive overview of the refactoring effort, critical specification features, and new command sets such as Zoned Namespace and Key Value. Webinar attendees will learn why these changes were made, how they will affect the NVMe device environment and how the new features will impact NVMe SSD development and performance.

About the Presenters:

  • Peter Onufryk, Intel Fellow, Intel
  • Nick Adams, Principal Software Engineer, Intel
  • Matias Bjørling, Director, Western Digital
  • Bill Martin, SSD I/O Standards, Samsung