NVMe Momentum


I am excited to see the tremendous progress in the NVMe ecosystem over the past few months.  The Linux NVMe driver has been accepted for inclusion in the 3.3 kernel at the end of March.  The Windows NVMe driver is proceeding as part of a successful collaboration with the Open Fabrics Alliance, which plans to post their first release in April.  Synopsys just announced NVMe verification IP is now available with support for all major simulators.  LeCroy’s analyzer supports NVMe decode.  And we can’t forget UNH-IOL is actively developing the NVMe Interoperability program.

Learn more about NVMe at SNW on April 5th in the PCIe SSD Storage Solutions session.  NVMe also will be featured at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing on April 12th in a talk that will describe how NVMe is delivering breakthrough PCIe SSD performance & scalability. The NVMe momentum is building.

Amber Huffman

NVMe Workgroup Chair

Principal Engineer, Intel