NVMe Infrastructure Coming Together


The infrastructure is coming together to support a complete NVMe based PCIe SSD solution. The NVMe specification is now at 1.0c with a new level of maturity, University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab has recently announced a program to provide compliance testing for various elements of the solution, PCIe SSD devices themselves as well as the device drivers, device drivers for both Windows and Linux being announced and publicly available, and now Dell has announced our 12th generation of servers that are PCIe SSD enabled supporting a configuration that includes all aspects of the standards we have been working towards. Our new servers support front loadable PCIe SSDs with the 2.5” HDD form factor and the new standard device connector, the SFF 8639. As soon as PCIe SSDs supporting the NVMe interface become available and can be qualified by our engineering teams these will plug right into the new servers without modification to the platform. We can’t wait!

Don Walker
NVMe Board member
Systems Architect in the Dell Enterprise Office of the CTO