High Performance Interfaces Required to Realize Full Performance of PCIe-based SSDs


SanDisk believes that high performance interfaces are key to delivering the full performance potential of PCIe-based SSDs.  NVMe was designed from scratch to unlock the power of these devices, providing a streamlined command and controller interface.   But the key to any new interface is to create a healthy ecosystem around it.  We are excited about the availability of open source Linux-based and, recently, Windows-based NVMe device drivers, as well as the recent formation of the UNH-IOL NVMe consortium to enable NVMe compliance.  With the deployment of servers with front loadable, cooler running PCIe bays, based on the new SSD Form Factor specification and SFF 8639, all the pieces are coming into place to enable high performance, standard PCIe-based SSD solutions based on NVMe.  As an SSD vendor, we welcome the evolution of the NVMe ecosystem to enable standard NVMe-based solutions.

Dave Landsman
NVMe Board member
Senior Staff Standardization Engineer, SanDisk