FreeBSD® Adds NVM Express Drivers

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FreeBSD® recently added NVM Express drivers for PCI Express® (PCIe®)-based Solid State Drives (SSDs) to its Enterprise repertoire.  Intel’s Jim Harris was the primary author of the drivers with contributions from EMC’s Joe Golio. The addition of NVM Express drivers positions FreeBSD as a leader of Enterprise solid-state storage technology solutions.  The commit is located at The drivers provide an NVM Express hardware abstraction layer, an NVM Express consumer which exposes namespaces as GEOM disks, and NVM Express management utilities.

NVM Express provides significant storage performance benefits as the enterprise market moves towards PCIe Solid State Drives. FreeBSD’s early adoption and support of NVM Express shows a commitment to making FreeBSD the best platform for building high performance storage systems. This is another instance where integrating hardware vendors, as first class citizens of the FreeBSD community, pays large dividends.  Having these drivers maintained directly in the FreeBSD source tree guarantees the best experience for our users.

Justin Gibbs, President and Founder of the FreeBSD Foundation
David Akerson, Intel Corporation

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