Which specifications are included in the refactored NVMe 2.0 specifications?

The NVMe 2.0 library of specifications, released in June 2021, consists of multiple documents, including the NVMe Base specification, Command Set specifications (NVM Command Set specification, ZNS Command Set specification, KV Command Set specification), Transport specifications (PCIe Transport specification, Fibre Channel Transport specification, RDMA Transport specification and TCP Transport specification)… Read More

What are the main benefits and features included in the NVMe 2.0 specification?

The restructured NVMe 2.0 specifications enable faster and simpler development of NVMe technology, supporting the seamless deployment of flash-based solutions in many emerging market segments. The specifications include evolutionary new features like Zoned Namespaces (ZNS), Key Value (KV), Rotational Media and Endurance Group Management. View the specifications on the… Read More

What does refactoring mean and why is NVM Express undertaking this task?

The initial NVMe specification family was not structured for extensibility, so we are optimizing the specifications for further evolution with the refactoring project. The new structure will enable innovation and take the technology back to the core values of speed, simplicity and scalability. The new extensible specification infrastructure will ultimately… Read More