NVMe-MI Specification

What is the NVMe-MI™ Specification?

The NVMe® Management Interface (NVMe-MI™) specification was created to define a command set and architecture for managing NVMe storage, making it possible to discover, monitor, configure, and update NVMe devices in multiple operating environments. NVMe-MI technology provides an industry standard for management of NVMe devices in-band (through an operating system) and out-of-band (usually through a BMC, or baseboard management controller).

The NVMe-MI 1.1 specification, released in April 2019, evolved to meet the growing management needs of the NVMe ecosystem. Anchor features include standardized NVMe enclosure management, the ability to access NVMe-MI technology functionality in-band and new management features for multiple NVMe subsystem solid-state drive (SSD) deployments.



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